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Small Positive Moments

Even a small moment like sharing a coffee in bed with a loved one can increase the well-being of a couple.

Sometimes I give this example to couples that visit my office:

„Your relationship is like a beautiful garden: to maintain its beauty it is important to remove weeds and wilted plants that are threatening your beloved flowers. But equally important is to know what special needs your flowers have and how to care for them. Where is a good spot for each: in the sun or the shadow? How much water? How much fertilizer to use?” When you’ll do that, you’ll find yourself enjoying and admiring your garden, wanting to spend most of your time there.

I see relationships as beautiful gardens that need special attention and care to stay beautiful, so that in any season we can enjoy being in them.

Cultivating a sense of respect and appreciation, coupled with small moments that increase intimacy and connection to your partner, will positively influence your relationship's well-being and resilience. This will not only bring joy for both while experiencing it, but it will make a major difference later when you will go through stressful situations, as any couple does.

All these small moments of care and appreciation will create „love savings” that you can tap into when you need them.

The more you and your partner will cultivate care, positive emotions, and interactions, the more rewarding it will be for both. So why not make them part of your daily routine starting today?

There is no better gardener to take care of your garden than you are!

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