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What is Systemic Coaching and How Do I Apply It?

Compared to traditional coaching, systemic coaching considers the larger system in which we all operate. The main focus of systemic coaching is „to facilitate the enhancement of life experience and goal attainment in the personal and professional life of non-clinical clients“ (A. Grant).

Individual Coaching

The coaching process is goal-oriented and typically spans over a short-term period (6-8 sessions). I use a range of techniques, from systemic therapy to hypnotherapy methods, selected strategically to meet the unique needs and goals of each client while respecting and empowering her/his individuality and autonomy. 

The topics I’ve often worked with are:

  • Managing conflictual situations at work 

  • Stress management, including chronic fatigue or burnout, toxic environment, procrastination, impostor syndrome, bullying, and discrimination

  • Lack of meaning and purpose in life, losing focus on the important things

  • Irritability and anger management

  • Difficulty in finding a balance between work and private life, in setting limits between the two areas

  • Acute stress: going through a difficult time at work or home due to an unexpected event (job loss, divorce, sickness, etc.)

With a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural backgrounds of my clients, I strive to maintain a heightened awareness of cultural nuances, values, and potential biases, ensuring a culturally sensitive and inclusive coaching relationship.

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