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What is Systemic Therapy for Couples?

Most couples have a solid baseline up to where things go well, communication flows openly and naturally, trust and intimacy are present, respect is mutual. However, even when couples start with a solid base, a crisis might appear. Understanding both what are the protecting factors and the damaging factors that influence your relationship plays a great role in managing difficult times.

In a trusting, non-judgemental space, as family and couple therapist, I offer my knowledge and experience to support you in:

•  Identifying and working with disturbing factors right at the beginning of your relationship, or as soon as they appear;

•  Improving communication and conflict management skills;

•  Talking about intimacy and sex in an open, trustworthy and safe environment;

•  Managing specific challenges such as: cultural differences between partners, living with a partner suffering from a mental illness, parenting, lack of trust in the relationship.

•  Exploring if there is still potential to make your current relationship work, or if separation is a better option.

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