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Hi, there! I am Mag. Elena Padurariu

Passionate about assisting individuals who, despite being highly functional, find themselves at a crossroads experiencing a decline in motivation, feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, and losing focus.


Individual Therapy

I share a special bond with those who recognise the significance of nurturing their emotional and mental well-being, understanding that it's as crucial as caring for their physical health.

Clients often approach me with challenges such as:

  • Depression, lack of motivation and energy

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety

  • Past traumatic events that are still impacting the present

  • Facing difficult decisions in their lives

  • Life-changing situation such as divorce, break up, infidelity, or loss of a close person

  • Adjustment problems due to relocation

  • Difficulties in managing different roles in life

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence, inability to set and pursue life goals


Couple Therapy

Over the years, I've developed a keen interest in supporting couples facing various stages and challenges.
I firmly believe that each of us deserves to be part of a healthy relationship—to feel loved and appreciated while having the courage to make tough decisions, express our desires, and set boundaries.

Couples seek support in my office for various reasons:

  • Struggle with communication

  • Find conflict resolution challenging

  • Experience a loss of connection or intimacy

  • Face infidelity or trust issues

  • Contemplate on the future of their relationship

  • Face the challenges of a patchwork family

  • Feel overwhelmed by performing different life roles

  • Deal with an open relationship



As an individual coach, my focus is on helping people improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. I work with clients to identify and achieve specific goals, overcome difficult situations, and enhance their overall performance and life satisfaction.

Clients often approach me with challenges such as:

  • Conflicts at the work place

  • Work-related stress

  • Balancing work and personal life

  • Managing job loss and of finding new employment

  • Dealing with negative feedback

  • Adapting to personal or professional changes

  • Developing assertiveness skills within a professional setting

  • Significant professional life decisions


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